“Instead of letting things happen, goals help us make things happen….Vision for the future.”

-Mark Batterson-

It is exciting about the safari branch of our work in Kenya. One of our big goals with our sustainability and business development projects is having the opportunity to host people and groups that come to Kenya or already live in Kenya.

We are passionate about hosting people and developing a meaningful personalized trip in Kenya can accomplish three main goals:

  1. Experiencing a fun and engaging personalized visit in Kenya.
  2. Connect people and resources to the communities we are partnering with.
  3. Provide work and vocational training for Kenyan people helping them develop skills that can serve them well in finding quality employment.

June 2018

“Brita and I had a three days stopover in Nairobi, and wanted to make the most of our stay. Brenton offered to compose a program for us – and even taking us around as our guide and driver. We couldn’t have chosen better! He gave us the perfect mix of activity and rest and took us to places we didn’t know about, but surely wouldn’t have liked to miss.

Fluent in swahili and with a profound understanding of both Kenyan culture and a Western tourists needs, he gave us safari (with steady driving and a close encounter with lions), Karen Blixen, City walk, Kazuri beads, Elephant orphanage, giraffes, Masai market, some Christian institutions of interest, and not the least: Brenton knew where to eat well in lovely surroundings!

Everything at a peaceful pace, and with lots of times to discuss what we saw. And all this at a very reasonable cost!”
– Knut Grønvik
Norwegian Lutheran pastor
Volunteer at A Rocha Kenya 

Asking about Safari Trips

There is no limit of options for a trip to Kenya. From a trip for a wildlife experience, camping, hiking, cultural involvement, golf or collaborative music safaris,  we would love the opportunity to host your trip.

  If you would like to know more details about trips or would like to ask about organizing a trip please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.