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SOULD Episode 5

We are thankful for another opportunity to share a new update. Enjoy a devotional thought and looking more closely at the needs of our partners in Kenya.

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  1. Pastor Alex

    Good morning my brother & Ndugu am quite humbled & inspired by your episode I have just watched very encouraging through the word of God & just being there for us & our ministries we are doing, really you are amazing brother in the Lord having big shoulders to carry us all with ever emerging difficult issues but you know the secret to taking the burdens just @ the feet’s of Christ where all is settled & solved .
    You are always in my prayers both you & your dear family as you carry both your family needs & ours too it will not been invain 1 Cor 15:58
    Our well wishers & supporters to the noble calling note you will not go unnoticed of the Lord serving with you gifts,prayers,funds means a lot not only to us as partners but individuals beneficiaries in the ministries your reward in heaven awaits you all & others who will be touched by what is happening in our side here in Kenya.
    Thanks again Brenton for being a bridge to connect,pathway where blessings flow through to reach the unreach,unseen,unhead my God will strength &: encourage you as you stand steadfastly for us all.

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