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In The Tunnel

Where to Begin....

We have been quiet since our last update because we have been in a tunnel over the last many months. God has kept us in this tunnel for many reasons we don’t understand yet.  However, we know he is protecting us in more ways than we even realize, and kept us from getting distracted as well. 

In Paris returning from Kenya
Christmas with family was special

As we walk in humility, trusting him to guide our steps, he has been faithful to show us each next step we have needed to take, but nothing beyond that. This has challenged us to seek him more, and trust him more even though we cannot see very far. 

Before we left Kenya, God drew us to Psalm 107, and the powerful words in those verses, along with many others, have strengthened our resolve and grown our faith that he will bring us to where he wants us to be, in his perfect timing. We encourage you to read that chapter and let God speak into your life and your journey with him. 

Longonot, one of our favorite Kenyan views
So thankful for true friends who have taken us in

We have had so many wonderful people and families walk along side us in a many meaningful ways. They have encouraged and supported us in ways we could never have expected, and we have also realized through this time that as God uses them to encourage us, we have the opportunity to encourage them in their life journey as well. It is a wonderful two-way street of life-building together.

There have been so many ups and downs for us along the way through this tunnel. Our inconsistent emotions are a daily reminder that we must rely on the Lord and his strength, and to surrender our perceptions (what we think is best) to him. He has guided us this far and we do not want to miss where he is leading us because we became impatient, selfish, or do what the world tells us to do.

Amati, Maranatha, Dorcas ministries

We are so thankful for our ongoing partnerships with Pastor Issac, Paul, and Pastor Alex and their ministries. We continue to communicate and work with them believing God for great things to come as we organize ourselves to support their ministries from this side of the ocean. Additionally, we have updated the individual websites and have just created a new one for Dorcas ministry. Check them out HERE

As you can imagine, having not lived fulltime in America since 2012, we feel like we are moving to a foreign country. We are citizens and speak the language, but it is a big culture adjustment. Adding where we will live, work and housing to that definitely is a challenge, especially as we are trusting the Lord to guide our steps. When God says, “My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts”, he means it! We remain thankful because we know that ultimately God wants to draw everyone closer to himself and we all are on our personal journeys with him to that end, right?

We feel like we are getting close to securing work opportunities for both of us. Some days it feels so far out of reach, but God has a knack for showing up right on time, like parting the Red Sea and calming the storm for the disciples in the boat, just when it seems all hope is lost. We continue to pray for you too as you support or follow our journey. We hope it somehow encourages you to press into God more and trust him more as well.

Sam and Emma play, while Jen meets for a potential job in the background

Sincere blessings to each of you from our little family,

Brenton, Jen, Sam and Emma