“If we wait until we are ready, we’ll be waiting the rest of our lives.” 

-Mark Batterson-

When Jen and I left Kenya back in 2010 we thought that it was for good. Almost 23 years combined we spent living in Kenya, and yet, probably in more ways than we realize, leaving was the most important step in being able to come back.

Through all of the incredible experiences around the globe to the life-long relationships we have developed with wonderful people, we have grown and been challenged to trust God with more of ourselves which has led to a greater faith in the direction He is leading us. You need to build a boat on land before you can float it on the water. We were been building our boat, even though we did not actually realize it.


We want each one of you reading this to know that one of the main purposes of our journey was building genuine relationships world-wide.  Even though it is not possible to regularly stay in touch with all of you, our appreciation and care for you remains the same. Not only that, but we have the privilege of connecting you to impacting Kenya in some way shape or form and that is exciting!

Whether it is through prayer, finances, networking, sharing wisdom or getting the chance to come and spend time serving with us in person, you can be a part of what we are doing.

That is our story. We love being back in Kenya living and working for long-term sustainable development. We are SOULD out and excited for what lies ahead here in Kenya.

Brenton, Jen, Samuel and Emma

Partner with us and allow our story to become part of yours….